Redirect By Country

Specify where users from different countries should be redirected to.

QR Code

Create a QR code once your link is ready.


To start, specify a destination URL for each target country you need. You may repeat the same URL for multiple countries or remove a country that isn't relevant to your use case.

Once you click on the "Create Link" button, we'll generate a short link based on your criteria.

As your users start clicking on your short link, they will be automatically redirected to the appropriate link based on their IP addresses.

Sometimes a user's IP address may not be detectable by the databases we use or match any of the rules you created. In those cases, they will be redirected to your fallback URL.

Your fallback URL may be the same as any of your other URLs or it may be a completely different one.

Once the limit is reached, clicks on your links will be redirected to a page similar to this example.

Paid plans have higher limits. Once the limit is reached on a paid account, all links on that account will redirect to a page similar to this example, without our branding.

Creating your first few links does not require an account. However, having an account makes it possible for you to return to the site and manage the links you created before.

Links you create as a guest will continue to work as configured until they reach their 100 clicks limit. However, if you return to the site in the future, they will not show up on your dashboard and you will not be able to edit them.

By logging in or creating a new account, you can continue managing your links anytime you return.

No, we've modeled our business based on subscriptions, so that its sustenance relies on YOU, our customers.

Your data is not our product. It belongs to you. See our privacy policy for more details.

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