Last updated: August 2022.

Nimble Links ( is a collection of online tools for creating functional short links.

The only monetization strategy of the site is its paid plans, which are transparently advertised on our plans page.

We do not sell your data

Selling data is not our business. We will never sell your data to any third parties.

We only use essential cookies

This site does not use 3rd party cookies for tracking you. Instead, we have tried to minimize our cookie usages to when they are strictly necessary for the site to function well.

See our cookie policy for all our cookie usages.

Third Parties

This policy does not cover what the third party services we use do with your data. However, it is our responsibility to be completely transparent about these services and link you to their policies:

  • Cloudflare — for privacy-first cookie-less analytics
  • Stripe — for processing payments
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